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Courtyard House, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

New build house as part of a mixed-use town centre development 

The developer client acquired two neighbouring sites and appointed C&O Architects to assist with renovation of the 4-storey Grade 2 listed building to the street front to a bar and House of Multiple Occupation (HMO).  The client had identified that a small two storey block to the rear of the site lent itself to a bijou 1-bed dwelling.  However, following a feasibility study C&O Architects established that by interconnecting the existing rear block with the adjacent wedge-shaped site (formerly the back of the shop), a more generous 2 bedroom dwelling with outdoor space and views was possible. 


A small courtyard draws natural light deep into the centre house and provides a focal point to the adjacent living spaces.  A strategically placed first floor bedroom enjoys the long view towards Shrewsbury Abbey. The second bedroom and ancillary spaces are accommodated in the existing two-storey block adjacent to the access passageway.

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